Using YouTube to Spread the Outdoor Lifestyle

One of the main goals of "Death by Bunjie" is to celebrate the outdoor lifestyle. We want to help spread the word about hunting. We want to do that by showing our hunts and helping others film their own hunts. If more people film their own hunts, then more people will see them. If more people see them, then more people are exposed to hunting and they will see why we do what we do. They might take part in their own hunts, or they might not. But at least they get a chance to become supporters of this lifestyle.

Why? Because the future of our outdoor lifestyle depends in part on our numbers. If there are a lot of hunters, that means there are a lot of voices and a lot of support for hunting. If there are lots of voices, then our message will be heard by the "powers that be" and it will protect our right to do what we love. Without that, hunting could wither and die like it has in so much of the so-called civilized world.

I am a huge believer that you should talk about hunting every chance you get. Today it's easier than ever to do that, and reach more people, using Facebook.

I am a huge believer that you should show people your hunting photos of smiling faces holding a recent kill every chance you get. Today it's easier than ever to do that using your cellphone.

This kind of communication tells people, "Hey, I like to hunt, and maybe you should, too, or at least you should tolerate it because it's awesome."

And I am a huge believer that YouTube is the greatest tool to broadcast the hunting lifestyle out there today. You can post videos for anyone to see. You can watch others' videos. You can comment on theirs and they can comment on yours. Some of it is good, some of it is bad, but all of it serves to spotlight hunting. It is a tool of pro-hunting propaganda that the Earth has neither seen nor needed this much before.

Make no mistake--the anti's know about this tool, too. They post their anti-hunting videos for the world to see like this one that says there's no humane way to eat meat.

Unless we step up, there's no one there to combat that message.

So start today! Get on Facebook and show off your hunting pictures and talk about hunting. Pick up a camera and start filming your hunting adventures and sharing them with the world. Spread the outdoor lifestyle.

Live it loud, and live it proud.

All Hail Bunjie!