PETA Gets It Wrong, Again...

Senior portraits at one high school caught the attention of PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) this week. It seems some high schoolers enjoy hunting, the outdoors, guns--much like I did when I was in school. And it appears they proudly display that lifestyle in their senior portraits.

PETA took it upon themselves to play parent and condemn the school for allowing such photographs in their yearbooks. They've now asked for a copy of the yearbook to include in a time capsule to show future generations how awful we were as a people in 2015--because we enjoyed hunting and the outdoors.

I am not sure how far in the future they are thinking. Looking back in our history, it's true that fewer people hunt than did at times in the past.  After all, it isn't a matter of survival for most people these days. That doesn't cause me to look back at

But it's also true that the outdoor lifestyle remains strong, if not even stronger than a decade ago. Sure, hunting has changed--but is it going away? I sure hope not, because if it does, so do the lands set aside for outdoor enjoyment and the wildlife we help in the process.

Yes, help! I help many more deer each year than I kill. I kill a few, and feed dozens. I create and maintain habitat for dozens more. So do most of the other hunters I associate with. Simply put, they are better off with me hunting than without me hunting.

One more thing: PETA's official release on this subject suggests, “Future generations will be shocked to learn that hunting was legal in this time--in the same way that people are appalled that bear-baiting and human slavery were once acceptable since they are now universally recognized as reprehensible.”  I am not sure about the bear baiting argument. It's not universally recognized as reprehensible, but rather the most efficient way to kill a bear. I hope to enjoy such an outing in the near future. And when I do, I will post the results here for you to enjoy along with me.