Thank You, Governor Tom Corbett!

Here in PA, Gov. Corbett faces re-election shortly. Polls predict he will likely lose. However, win or lose, Pennsylvanians have a lot to thank him for!

In 2011, he signed pro-gun right legislation into law that effectively gives Pennsylvania the "Castle Doctrine." Now, Pennsylvanians have a clear right to defend themselves and their families in their homes against someone who illegally enters. That law also had a "stand your ground" provision--so we now have no duty to retreat if someone attacks us outside the home--we can stand our ground, defend ourselves, and use deadly force without having to consult a lawyer first.

And most recently, he signed House Bill 80, which attempts to limit firearm law preemption. Now, Philadelphia and other municipalities can be sued if they attempt to enforce laws that are stricter than the statewide laws. This is a win for the rights of Pennsylvanians. Now we have extra protection from over-reaching bureaucrats when we travel around the state and carry to protect ourselves.

This action starkly contrasted our previous governor's efforts; Gov. Ed Rendell was a clear anti-gunner who not only supported strengthening anti-gun laws across Pennsylvania, but also wanted Philadelphia to be able to enact its own laws.

Death by Bunjie is about crossbow hunting, but we also support the Second Amendment. The Second Amendment is the sine qua non for all other rights, including our privilege to hunt with a crossbow.

So, win or lose, thank you Gov. Corbett! He will go down in Pennsylvania history as the most pro-gun right governor in modern Pennsylvania history, a distinction any politician should appreciate.