Why Crossbow Hunters Should Join the NRA

I hunt almost exclusively with a crossbow but I'm still a life member of the National Rifle Association. And you should be, too.

Some less-informed people think the Second Amendment protects our hunting rights, and therefore only protects weapons that hunters use. Think I'm making this up? Former New York City Mayor Bloomberg, anti-gunner extraordinaire, appears to think so. Even the governor of New York State, Andrew Cuomo, appears to believe this.

That's shallow.

As Ted Nugent put it, who in his right mind would think the Founding Fathers were protecting deer hunting?

The Second Amendment was drafted shortly after Americans defeated the British. It was drafted to assure that Americans would always have the right and ability to fight such a war against Tyrants.

That is related to hunting, I suppose. After all, I'm from Pennsylvania, and we have more hunters carrying rifles in Penn's Woods during deer season each year than any other state--a number greater than all but five armies on Earth! You can't tell me a foreign country wouldn't take that into account before waging war against the United States. Conversely, a ground war in China or Europe or Russia would be much different--the citizens would not be armed.

Makes a difference on a small scale, too! You think a public beheading like London's recent events would fly here? Contrast it with Oklahoma, where such activity gets you shot by an armed citizen.

So it's not just about hunting. But it is about freedom. All of our rights stem from the Second Amendment. It is the sine qua non (without which, not) of free speech, religion, association, and the like. Without guns, tyrants can take those God-given rights away from you.

And those same people can take away the right to hunt at all. Try to hunt in Brazil, Japan, China or Europe. It's sure not as easy as Penn's Woods.

So--if you value your freedom, join the NRA today. Put that decal on your car or truck and show the world. Proudly talk about how you support the NRA, the nation's oldest civil rights organization. Consider becoming a life member. Pay attention to candidates who are supported (or opposed!) by the NRA. And vote!

All Hail Bunjie!

Rich Wilson