How to Drought-Proof Your Foodplots!

There's no guarantee in the foodplot business. Weather plays a huge role. Lack of rain can be fatal to our foodplots. You could water the foodplot but that's expensive, if it's even possible. But there are a couple of simple things you can do to help your foodplots through this tough time:

First, you can lime your foodplot with pelletized lime. Pelletized lime will help break down the soil--as it breaks down it creates little pits in the soil and will help break it down. Any moisture that comes in will get trapped in those pores, and further break down the soil as it makes its way down to the roots of your crop. Plus, lime will help prepare your soil in the event that rains come, as it is needed for fertilizers to feed the crop. Do soil tests (you already did, right?) to make sure you need lime, but if you've got sour soil like me, you can always add more lime throughout the growing season.

Second, in those clover plots, spray the weeds! New weed species crop up each week throughout the growing season. Grasses keep growing, even if you mow. Spray them in those clover plots (see my videos on Slay and Arrest) to keep them from competing for moisture.

Thirdly, don't mow that clover. Mowing the clover forces it to re-grow and recover, and that will mean it's using any available moisture for that--at a time when it needs moisture just to survive!

Hopefully these and the other tips in this video will help you help your foodplots!