Where to Aim on a Deer

You finally have that big whitetail deer in close--where do you aim on that deer?

Bunjie and I have developed our own understanding of this over the years. I call it "The Bunjie Triangle." This video discusses it, and describes the deer anatomy that helps me decide where to aim.

Notice this buck's anatomy in these pictures:

You can see a nice fold of skin on his shoulder, outlining where his leg, elbow and shoulder blade are located. That is what forms the front outline of "The Bunjie Triangle":

You might aim higher IN THE TRIANGLE from a treestand, or more half way up and to the left from a blind. Either way, you're in the lungs for a good double lung shot.  One word of caution: you still have to THINK before you shoot.  That deer is moving, and so is the triangle. Imagine how your triangle shifts when the deer's moving his leg, like this buck in this picture:

That leg is moved back, and now his elbow is in the way of a heart shot. No worries! The "Triangle" is still there, and you can still get both lungs:

I hope this helps you figure out "where to aim on a deer" with your crossbow or other archery equipment!