How to Can Venison the Death by Bunjie Way

2016 is the first year I canned venison. I'm quite proud of myself, having gone from "novice" to "accomplished novice" in only a few months. ;)  Anywho, I read listened to four books on the subject and watched countless YouTube videos. In the process I picked up some new channels to subscribe to such as Linda's Pantry and Mrs. Volfie's Half Acre Homestead.

Check back because I will be posting videos on this subject soon on our YouTube channel. I just didn't want to film a video until I had actually done it successfully. Now that it's done, I can do a video next time and feel like I know what I'm talking about. In the meantime, however, since so many people are asking about how I did it, I am posting this quick start guide.

There is no substitute for reading the manual that came with your pressure canner. Do that, and use this as sort of a checklist if you like: Canning Vension the Death by Bunjie Way.

I hope this helps you get a start in canning some venison.